May 2016

The root of education is to become our best selves. To become our best selves, emotions matter. How we feel affects all of us every moment of every day and directs our learning, our decisions, how we treat others and our personal well-being. Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has designed an innovative program for school curriculums to help children and adults gain skills needed to lead productive, healthy and fulfilling lives through emotional awareness, self-control and effective communication. These programs have been shown to raise academic achievement and to contribute to more supportive, productive and compassionate classrooms. Click her to learn more.  For additional information on this subject click here.

Taking charge of your own health is a part of taking charge of your life. It starts with being perfectly honest with yourself and proactive about goals. What you do in your 20’s and 30’s can affect your health for the rest of your life. Dutiful “Well-Woman” visits with your provider are worth it to keep things low-maintenance as opposed to larger problems later. Communicating and being conscientious and thorough with your provider is essential for good care. Here are some points to keeping upfront and honest. Click here to learn more.