November 2016

The nourishing benefits of eating fruit are many and recent research shows the earlier the better! The study revealed that prenatal consumption of fruit by expectant mothers boosts cognitive development of their babies. With other developmental factors controlled, the children whose mother's ate the daily recommended portions of fruit  or fruit juice consistently showed higher developmental testing at one year. Click here to learn more. Journal.

Recent studies pitting digital gaming over the traditional eye patches for the treatment of children with lazy eye have not substantiated that either treatment is superior, or that either treatment is inferior. Dr. John Sloper, a strabismus and pediatric service consultant at Moorfield Eye Hospital in England, offers that computer games are a reasonable alternative to wearing a patch. It has been noted that results are better achieved if compliance is better achieved and gaming may be a great motivator for children. Click here to learn more.

A pivotal new brain implant allows people who are completely paralyzed and can no longer speak to communicate using nothing but their thoughts. A brain signal initiated for voluntary muscle movement is captured by a computer and translated as clicks to spell words on a screen. The mobile device is adapted for home and outdoor use and will not require assistance. For people who are otherwise 'locked-in", it provides a much needed way to communicate and a powerful tool for engagement. Click here to learn more

It is called “revolutionary” in the realm of DNA modification and refers to a genetic component crucial to the immune systems of microorganisms. The implications are far-reaching and include treatment of genetic and infectious diseases. Click here to learn more.

An overview of recent research publications shows that low-grade inflammation and changes in the microbiota have become increasingly associated with colorectal cancer. Furthermore, the research findings indicate some common emulsifier food additives change the microbiota in a way that is pro-inflammatory. The emulsifiers seem to diminish the protective role of the mucus membranes allowing alterations in the colon epithelial cells leading to development of tumors. Click here to learn more

The NIH annual report includes substances and biological entities that pose significant hazards to humans for causing cancer. The new list includes 5 viruses and 2 elements. The actual risk for developing cancer is dependent upon many factors that include an individual’s susceptibility or resistance. However, the strongest strategy for prevention of developing cancer is identifying the hazards and being proactive and avoiding exposure. Click here to learn more.

Exposure to radiation can have severe if not debilitating consequences. Prolonged sun exposure, radiation-therapy and radiation accidents can result in serious skin burns and possible life-threatening infections. A topical therapy has been developed which is promising to prevent this damage. Such results are also promising for reducing the changes associated with skin cancer as well as normal skin aging. Click here to learn more. 

Preventing infection and controlling oral bacteria is essential to dental health and protecting the supporting soft tissues and bone. Research has validated the use of lasers to kill bacteria and contribute to better periodontal treatment outcomes. Lasers can treat target tissue without affecting surrounding tissues leading to faster healing. The utilization of lasers is not only well-suited to dental clinical applications but also to use by physicians and surgeons as well. Click here to learn more.