February 2017

A new accelerated screening protocol for high-risk women with dense breast tissue has promising results for early detection of breast cancer. It is faster, safer, more accurate and less obtrusive than the current mammography, tomosynthesis and ultra-sound techniques. Interpretation of the images is more readily mastered and is reliable which lowers the false-positive rate. The benefits of the time saved and the early detection makes it cost-effective. The lives saved, priceless. Click here to learn more.  Read more.


The earlier the diagnosis of cancer the better the outcome. A simple non-invasive Breath Test has been developed for stomach and esophageal cancer which has been shown to have an 85% accuracy overall in identifying who has cancer and, importantly, who does not. Click here to learn more.

Studies are supporting what we may have assumed to be obvious and perhaps we should take it more to heart! Rewarding contact with others matters! A lot! Social isolation and difficult relationships can sabotage our health and quality of life. Click here to learn more.

2 billion people on this earth live without roads, an adequate water source or electricity. Health care in these remote, low-resource settings emphasizes the need for portable on-site technology. Recent bio-tech innovations are inspired designs modeled after a simple children’s toy and origami. They are proving themselves to be ingenious, inexpensive and indispensable. Click here to learn more.