March 2017

In the field of drugs designed for MS treatment, none have addressed primary progressive MS (PPMS), a relentless form of the disease. Today the FDA has approved the first drug treatment targeting PPMS as well as other relapsing forms.  Click here to learn more

Recent lab research has broadened and significantly altered our understanding of the functions of the lungs which are found to be exquisitely more complex than expected.  They harbor a trove of blood stem cells and progenitors which they circulate with the bone marrow. Click here to learn more.  

A 10-year study of women over 75 has revealed that statin use is linked to a 33% higher risk of developing diabetes. Additionally, the risk increased with the dose of statin up to 51% for the highest dose. Click here to learn more

Whole-body vibrations (WBV)  may be the jump-start to recovery for obese and diabetic patients who cannot break the cycle of inactivity. Life-style changes and exercise has long been the gold standard for bringing about changes in metabolism needed for good health and minimizing debilitating associated risks. In the lab, WBV has been found to induce the same effects as exercise. Click here to learn more. WBVT (Whole-body vibration therapy)

The new approach to taming the prevalence and halting the march of the antibiotic-resistant Superbugs currently threatening global health is restoring their antibiotic-susceptibility. New “helper” drugs have been developed to increase the potency and boost the effectiveness of current antibiotics. These are also showing great promise in protecting against treatment failures with non-resistant bacteria. Click here to learn more.

Establishing healthy diets early is proving to have a great impact on the long-term health of young women. Common food choices directed by age, lifestyle and convenience are inflammation rich. It is this chronic inflammation created during development that may contribute to an increased risk of premenopausal breast cancer. Click here to learn more.

Tuberculosis is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide occurring mostly in low-and middle resource countries. Treatment is imperative yet the disease is becoming more and more resistant to current regimes. Recent studies are targeting a new treatment with a compound produced by soil bacteria. This compound stops other bacteria from growing and, in the lab, was effective against the TB bacterium. Click here to learn more. Abstract.

Optimizing our health by being mindful and conscientious of what we consume is definitely a good thing. But compliance can turn compulsive and healthy eating can ironically become detrimental. It is not a game. Fixating on the quality of food and extreme adherence to self-impose rules for eating can affect everyday life and relationships resulting in isolation and malnutrition. Click here to learn more. Keep Reading.

Our skin can “red flag” our internal health. Dermatologic changes can be the first sign of more serious issues including cancer and systemic diseases. These changes may precede, occur with or follow the detection of a condition. They could also be a sign of an undiagnosed problem prompting a more in-depth investigation. Click to learn more. Keep Reading.

Taking the underwater plunge may not be the ethereal experience you were expecting if precautions are not taken regarding your oral health. The added pressure experienced in the depths, as well as the regulator mouthpiece, can exacerbate existing issues and create discomfort in the gums and jaw and tooth-ache like pain called barodontalgia. Click her to learn more.