May 2017

For the adventurous, the curious and those who wander enjoying the myriad wonders of our globe, be amazed and also be vigilant.  We cohabit with a remarkable variation of species each extraordinary and each intent on self-preservation. Being forearmed with knowledge of the Dangerous Species is essential to a successful adventure. Avoid these kill-joys. Click here to learn more.

Body art, statement of endearment or make-up, tattooing and body piercing has become pervasively poplar. They also come with unique health risks and complications for medical treatments such as MRIs and epidurals. Click here to learn more. More information and resources

An innovative application of laser imaging can yield information about the chemical composition of the body. This offers the possibility to eliminate the need for blood draws and specimen collection for analyses as well as allowing for a non-invasive detection of biomarkers for early diagnosis of diseases. Click here to learn more.