August 2017

The # 1 biomarker for Alzheimer’s is amyloid plaques in the brain. Research has found that retinal amyloid plaques directly correlate to the plaques in the brain, and they present far, far earlier than dementia symptoms. Studying retinal changes signals early AD detection and early therapies. Click here to learn more. 

At long last, Sickle Cell Disease has a new treatment. It has proven to reduce the debilitating effects of the disorder and to decrease the need for hospitalizations. Click here to learn more.

By combining 2 chemotherapy drugs into 1 treatment improves results for high-risk AML patients. The effects are synergistic. The partnership has shown significantly improved results than either drug working alone. Click here to learn more.

The newly developed MRI device allows fragile neonates to remain in the NICU for head imaging. Urgent access to the infant is maintained at all times. Because the unit is full enclosed, the safety of others in the environment is ensured. Click here to learn more.

Recent research suggests that thrombocytosis could be an early sign of cancer and relevant to primary care as a red flag for further investigation.  With no other cancer symptoms, thrombocytosis can prompt early diagnosis and could be the key to survival and better recovery. Click here to learn more.