September 2017

Short breaks from a restrictive diet regime could be the golden ticket to long-term weight loss and control. Researchers challenged the theory of continuous dieting with an intermittent dieting program of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off periodically trading the weight-loss diet for a weight-maintenance diet. Findings show the intermittent dieters lost more weight and were able to maintain the loss by avoiding the reactive starvation metabolic changes instigated by the continuous deprivation. Click here to learn more.

Promotion of beneficial gut microbes is proving to be a rich means of helping high-risk newborns thrive in India. Administering prebiotics and probiotics for 1 week not only reduced the risk of deadly infections but also increased healthy growth long term. A simple, cost-effective, promising intervention. Click here to learn more.

Earthquake. Tornado. Fire. Flood. Hurricane. Disaster! It CAN happen to you and YOU can help. Minimizing risk for damages and injuries depends on being prepared by being informed and having plans in place. Click here to learn more.

A good foundation is priceless for future health and well-being. What we do now and in our youth matters….a lot!! To prevent the destructive effects of osteoporosis as we age, it is best to have an early active lifestyle including weight-bearing exercises and activities. Click here to learn more.