December 2017

Put on pounds no matter what you do? Calorie restrictive diets, exercise don’t help?  New research confirms that, for many, being overweight is due to faulty genes that control how much fat we store. Click here to learn more. 

An innovative application of antibody-nanotube probes are a promising technique for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The technique is noninvasive and potentially pinpoint accurate within seconds which optimizes outcomes for a disease that is today dangerously elusive. Click here to learn more. Abstract

Canola is widely considered  a more “healthy” fat shown to lower cholesterol and to be beneficial at protecting the heart. However, what it does in the brain is another story. A recent study revealed that a diet rich in Canola oil increased the formation of Alzheimer-associated amyloid-beta plaques and damage to synapses resulting in a reduction in working memory. Click here to learn more. Abstract

A recent study has determined that excessive fluid administration is a critical risk factor for perioperative recovery and perioperative mortality citing need for protocol changes. Click here to learn more.

Strange but true, Lone Star tick bites can produce an anaphylactic response in people who then eat red meat. Once bitten, it can happen in people who have been die-hard carnivores. The response can be delayed so the association is not readily obvious and mislabeled as an “idiopathic” event. Click here to learn more. Abstract.