January 2018

It is well-known that too much salt in our diet raises the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. A recent study suggests that a high-salt diet also impairs blood flow to the brain resulting in cognitive impairment. Click here to learn more.

The effects of being at sea can persist or recur long after a cruise. The sense of motion or rocking, imbalance, dizziness or sea-sickness can be impairing. The symptoms prompt several differentials/etiologies. Click here to learn more.   

Research has demonstrated enhanced cardiovascular function similar to moderate exercise after the use of a 30 minute sauna.Click here to learn more. Abstract I. Abstract II. 

Resistant E.coli infections have become more frequent, more virulent and more dangerous. Research has linked the rise in outbreaks to the introduction of a sugar in the processing of common foods from sushi and vegetables to ice cream. Abstract. Click here to learn more.

It’s Flu and vaccine season. Mild reactions to vaccines are not uncommon. But, for those with more reactive sensitivities, vaccine components are of more concern. Click here to learn more.