March 2018

Recent analysis shows that when a specific gut microbe commonly identified in multiple autoimmune diseases is targeted with a vaccine, or antibiotic, the autoimmune responses can be halted. Click here to learn more.

Retinal vision loss has a new hero. It’s a balancing act of stopping the immune response of the destructive overkill inflammation as well as restoring its essential function for healthy tissue maintenance. Click here to learn more.

There is a recent global emergence of a new genus of dimorphic fungi that are potentially lethal especially for immunocompromised individuals. Previously isolated to Africa, Asia and Europe, these pathogens have now been identified in the US and Canada. Click here to learn more.

The complex mechanisms of T-cell demyelination in the brain are being narrowed by recent research revealing a potential new target for intervention at the blood-brain barrier. Click here to learn more.

Default use of Saline IV fluid therapy is under fire as a recent study shows improved outcomes and decreased kidney complications with balanced crystalloids. Click here to learn more. Abstract.

A new application of old techniques, if applied in tandem, has shown highly successful results in killing off pancreatic cancer cells. They were able to achieve complete cell death using a combination of heating then freezing at temperatures that alone would not be lethal to the cancer cells. Click here to learn more.