April 2018

Obese patients typically experience notable joint deterioration especially in the weight-bearing joint of the knees. However, recent lab research shows that simply providing prebiotics and promoting friendly gut bacteria reversed not only the systemic inflammation but also the knee joint injury without any change in weight. Click here to learn more.

Overconsumption of artificial sweeteners has been shown to be just as detrimental as the overconsumption of sugar. These sweeteners are the number 1 food additive in the world. Its pervasive presence hiding in our diet choices has led to chronic daily consumption with long-term side effects. Click here to learn more.

With thalassemia, life is sustained by and revolves around a regime of regular blood transfusions. Recent research has shown gene therapy to be successful at eliminating the need for transfusions or at least needing them less often. Click here to learn more.

Though logical, cooling living tissue for transport and transplantation is proving to not be the best method. Maintaining homeostasis in a warm environment may prove the optimum method for optimum results for a successful transplant as well as for the arrival of viable organs. Click here to learn more.

Music has been shown to be a catalyst for improved performance of hypertension medications. Listening to music, no matter the genre, in conjunction with medication lowered heart rate and blood pressure faster and more significantly. Click here to learn more. Abstract.

Managing post anesthesia shivering and monitoring vitals are problematic in over half of the patients undergoing epidurals for c-section deliveries. Adding a bolus of dexmedetomidine immediately after childbirth significantly short-terms the shivering experience and blocks the associated adverse consequences. Click here to learn more.

 The task of recovering from ischemic stroke can be arduous and long at best. Patients can achieve and maintain greater strength and motion faster with vagus nerve stimulation. Click here to learn more.

Without surgical intervention, traumatic internal bleeding has the potential for life-threatening blood loss. Injectable magnetic nanoparticles laced with thrombin can be directed to induce site specific clotting. Click here to learn more.