July 2018

The hazards of dental plaque are well known: decay, gum disease, inflammation and pain. Good dental hygiene is a life-long project to avoid them. A new nanoparticle therapy is in development that targets the teeth and arrests the formation plaque without disrupting the oral biome or harming the surrounding soft tissues. It is safe, economic and easily used in rinses and toothpaste. Click here to learn more.


It is a welcoming thought to have 24/7 monitoring of hard-to-heal serious wounds. The adhesive device that is being developed would also administer immediate appropriate treatment. Click here to learn more.

Recent studies are providing new directions for Multiple Sclerosis therapy. The strategies are promising to improve remyelination and myelin repair.  Click here to learn more.

A wireless adhesive patch can provide constant monitoring for arrhythmias and are beneficial for people at high risk for AFib. It can provide earlier and accurate detection and earlier treatment which can preclude the detrimental side-effects of the condition. Click here to learn more.

Persistence is winning in the search for counteracting hereditary gradual loss of hearing.  Intervention in the in the molecular genetic process halted the progression and partial hearing restored. Click here to learn more. Abstract