November 2018

The tongue is a powerful source of bacteria and fungi. These are easily aspirated for those with difficulty swallowing leading to impaired respiratory health or pneumonia. Click here to learn more.

The preop INR of cardiac patients is significantly associated with surgery outcomes. Research is being directed toward the timing of the procedures and INR status. Click here to learn more.

Still learning about the stealth functions and pathological connections of the appendix! It can harbor neurotoxic proteins commonly found in the brains of Parkinson’s patients. Click here to learn more.

The gut microbiota is known to influence our health but altering the microbiota mix by adding “ good bacteria” in order to improve health does not have universal results.  Each individual has a unique physiology governing the outcomes. Click here to learn more.

Recovery from the recent hurricanes may be extended due to the possible insidious effects on our health. Persistent dampness promotes the growth of black mold which releases toxins into the air in our homes. Click here to learn more.

Dsuvia is a fast-acting sublingual tablet for intense circumstances and special populations but requires extreme caution and guarded handling. Click here to learn more.