February 2019

Common preoperative regimes are counterproductive to postop recovery.  There is a need to reshape paradigms to include preop nutritional needs to optimize outcomes. Click here to learn more.

Heart attacks are on the rise and among younger people. The largest increase is in younger women ages 35 to 54. Click here to learn more.

The microbiota imperative is balance whether it is the type of bacteria or quantity. Common for chronic PPI users, crowding reduces optimal intestinal function creating pain and discomfort as well as malabsorption and nutritional issues. Click here to learn more.

Recent discoveries have shown that bacteria could have a bigger involvement in cancer than previously considered. Click here to learn more.

Our state of mind and happiness can, no doubt, affect our wellness. How much do you know about it?  What is it?  How can we get more of it?  Do we ever have enough, or, can you have too much? Click here to learn more.

Standard infection control techniques are proving insufficient for the control of Hep C contamination during care in clinics and the surgical room. Studies indicate that broader environmental controls and the use of patient specific, single-dose solutions are essential. Click here to learn more.

Typical anti-inflammatory medications may aggravate and worsen the damage to the gut caused by C. diff. This could alter treatment protocols especially for those who have a regime of NSAID use. Click here to learn more.