March 2019

More than appearance and energy at stake, struggling with weight and repeated dieting has inherent long-term risks to cardiovascular health. The more often the swing and the younger the age, the worse the risk.  Click here to learn more.

A common probiotic supplement is proving to be an effective treatment for MRSA which is highly resistant to antibiotics. Click here to learn more


A gene therapy procedure has successfully stopped the progression of age-related macular degeneration in a patient. Applying the therapy before vision is lost may preclude the disabling condition. Click here to learn more.

Common oral pathogens and genetics are a viable causative mix for Alzheimer’s. Such a route gives rise to effective treatment. Click here to learn more.


Recent pain research uncovered this unexpected anomaly. Strangers elicited better responses when treating injuries. The reduction of the perception of pain and the increase in pain tolerance was confirmed by activity in the brain. Click here to learn more.

A treatment for a secondary condition has lead to the accidental discovery of a potential avenue for cure. A game changer. Click here to learn more.

An extended-release medication overcomes the weaknesses of previous medication interventions. Click here to learn more.