May 2019

Diagnostically elusive but life-changing, the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue syndrome are debilitating due to profound exhaustion, poor stamina and pain. Research has developed a blood test that accurately identified people with this syndrome promising future treatment. Click here to learn more.

Long before cognition changes are evident, detectable neurochemical and physiological changes take place in the brains of people who will develop Alzheimer’s. Tests for these early biomarkers would be opportunities for intervention. Click here to learn more. Abstract.

Research results are promising to use ultrasound as a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for Diabetes 2. Click here to learn more.

Processed foods were developed to be convenient, abundant an low cost. However, even on a restricted diet, ultra-processed healthy-like foods encourage weight gain. You have to over-consume to feel nourished. Pick any of the trendy new diets which eliminate processed foods for “real” food and they all win. Click here to learn more.

Abnormal regrowth of lung tissue and chronic inflammation after a serious lung infection is being ascribed to the presence of highly-sensitive epithelial cells that are actually like the chemo-receptor cells of our taste buds. They are sentinels for signs of infection and can trigger acute inflammation. Click here to learn more.

Research has revealed that the gut microbiome can react to social stress. This exposure changes the composition of bacteria types to increasing pathogenic varieties and changes the bacteria’s behavior leading to a higher risk for autoimmune attack. Click here to learn more.

A smartphone app and a paper cone can be used with precision to detect middle ear fluid buildup in children as young as 9 months and can be used at home. It will help early communication with physicians and monitoring status. Click here to learn more. Abstract.

An engineering feat, small tubing has been created that can initially replace weakened or diseased vessels but that transform into a living, functioning vessels. These vessels can fight infection and are capable of self-repair side-stepping host rejection and adverse reactions. Click here to learn more.

It is the “needle in the haystack.” The debilitating symptoms can be a lengthy struggle with no definitive answers. The tumors are minuscule and require a complex ruling-out process which is indicative of the myriad of possible systems involved. Click here to learn more.

Elevated testosterone is a key biomarker for women with PCOS. A genetic variant relevant for testosterone production could be the determinant factor for many. Early testing for this variant would offer earlier options for treatment and would provide earlier planning for long-term decisions. Click here to learn more.