June 2019

Emerging knowledge regarding diet and nutrition is refining the long-established algorithm of nutritional science. Individual differences in processing food and biological responses are showing to be significant factors in nutritional outcomes. The best choices are not the same for everyone. Click here to learn more.

We are human and our accepted diagnostics are a snapshot of current health status. Even A+ checkups are reassuring but they do not preclude risks. Regardless of a “healthy” status, pay attention to the signs and symptoms to help yourself and others. The signs can be subtle, different for men and women and maybe not what you think. Click here to learn more.

It has been found that viruses actually converse to coordinate behavior and each has a specific language. This information offers ultimate value in developing new therapies against viral disease, drug-resistant bacterial infections and common but stubborn microbial complaints such as acne and IBD. Click here to learn more.

A usual consequence of aging, hardening of the arteries is difficult to avoid. Recent research has uncovered the mechanism and possible remedy in the antibiotic minocycline already in use for acne. Click here to learn more.

A promising new laser has been developed which can scan the bloodstream through the skin for cancer cells. The cancer cells are then eradicated when they are forced to implode from the heat of the laser effectively inhibiting metastasis. Click here to learn more