August 2019

Plant-based diets are proven beneficial for cardio-vascular health, lowering cancer risk and prolonging life. However, these exclusive diets risk deficiency in choline, a nutrient vital for brain function. Click here to learn more.

Disasters which halt production, imposed manufacturing restrictions, recalls and termination of the production of generic labels, all contribute to drug shortages. Shortages significantly put patients at risk for compromised care. Click here to learn more.

Pump up your metabolism, strength, and general health by consuming protein at bedtime. Instead of using up energy as we sleep, feed it for exercise recovery and an opportunity for muscle protein growth. Click here to learn more.

Often the bane of our existence, mosquitoes have been the rogue determinant of human history. Click here to learn more

Do not buy, eat or serve items with fresh basil from Siga Logistics de RL de CV, Morelos, Mexico. It you are not sure of the source, do not eat fresh basil or uncooked pesto or salads with basil. Click here to learn more.

Dental professionals are particularly prone to the painful consequences of uncomfortable postures and repetitive hand motions. The following are ergonomic strategies and exercises to avoid and minimize risk. Click here to learn more.

Currently, lifestyle changes are the only therapeutic options for fatty liver disease. A tested drug as been shown to be effective at lowering ALT. Click here to learn more.

Elevating stroke therapy to the level of cardiac rehab with an emphasis on aerobic exercise has shown great benefits to recovery. Click here to learn more.

Recent research has shown that listening to music can reduce anxiety prior to surgery as well as sedative medications but without the sides effects. Click here to learn more.

 “Electronic tongue” voltammetric devices are being used to test urine for bladder cancer. Current diagnostic procedures are anything but easy or accurate. This testing is non-invasive and is providing early and accurate diagnoses. Click here to learn more.