September 2019

Simply the presence of the common Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria in the intestines can ferment ingested carbohydrates into alcohol contributing to Nonalcoholic Liver Disease. Click here to learn more.

When dehydrated, fluid volume and components matter for quick resolve and sustained effects. Click here to learn more.

E-cigarettes are not new. Finding the common denominators to the sudden rash of illnesses is tricky at best with wide variables and inconsistent evidence. Click here to learn more.

In conjunction with the traditional PSA test, the new blood test can confirm aggressive prostate cancer with a 90% accuracy and avoid the need for intrusive biopsies and treatments. Click here to learn more.  

Cautionary tales abound. Public eateries are becoming more conscious and proactive in their menus and server training in order to avoid, what can be for some, life-threatening events.  Click here to learn more.

Life-impacting! This tiny devise can open up a whole new world you did not know you were missing affecting your outlook, brain function and risk for falls. Click here to learn more. One man’s journey click here.

This annual biomedical engineering competition is a dynamic platform for developing real solutions with real impact on healthcare and patient outcomes. This year’s winners include an Intubation Guidance System for limited experienced healthcare workers, a 5 minute Rapid-screening test for C. dif, and a device that allows tracheostomy patients to speak. Click here to learn more.

Several states are experiencing a critical surge in mosquito-borne viral EEE infections which are life-threatening for all ages. No vaccine. No treatment. Click here to learn more.

All flu shots are not alike! Please inquire as to the type being offered to you to best suit your needs or which is best recommended for your age. Click here to learn more.

Scleroderma patients and patients with systemic sclerosis run a very high risk for Interstitial Lung Disease and it is the leading cause of death for these patients. The new approved drug can slow the rate of decline in pulmonary function. Click to learn more.