October 2019

Wandering fungi from the gut are present and promote pancreatic tumors. Antifungal treatments are reducing PDA tumors by 40% and increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. Click here to learn more.

Sleeping with the TV on and other sources of artificial light promotes weight gain! Click here to learn more.

Crithidia, a known insect infection, has emerged as lethal to humans if contracted and left untreated. It is complicated by the fact that its symptoms mirror but do not respond to the same treatment for insect-borne Leishmaniasis. Click here to learn more.

A low-magnetic MRI system has been developed that does not compromise image quality. It not only enhances diagnosis and treatment of disease by offering better imaging of internal organs, it is more affordable and more accessible to patients with pacemakers and defibrillators. Click here to learn more.