March 2020

The relative isolation is not a passive act. It is a positive step toward containment and the protection of others as well as an opportunity. Click here to learn more.

Tasked the hard way with the bold reminder of communal viral threats, patient intake assessments must encompass broader priorities. This means including data pertinent for public health such as travel history. Click here to learn more.

EMFs are common in our daily lives: our devices, microwaves, radio waves, x-rays, tanning beds and lightning! Depending on the type of EFM and exposure, radiation can cause damage to our bodies. Click here to learn more.

Maintaining a normal life in the midst of the coronavirus threat is important as well as taking an effort. Being prepared and informed is the greatest part of the battle. It is a great opportunity to re-address and implementing what we already know regarding basic precautions of staying healthy in a communal environment and being prepared for the urgency if needed. Click here to learn more.

WHO training modules for Covid-19 infection prevention and control intended for healthcare workers and public health professionals. Click here to link.