How far in advance do I need to order my course?

For free shipping (disc via mail only), order online or by telephone at least 10 business days prior to start or departure-date. Course materials can be delivered overnight for an additional fee by Federal Express, and the fee will be included in the course cost on the final receipt which will be emailed to you.
ASI will schedule the shipping of course material packets via Federal Express Ground, 21 days prior course start date. Registrations taken with less than 14 days lead time will be shipped as soon as possible, usually the same day or next business day. If given less than 10 business days for shipping, an expedited shipping method will be required at additional cost to ensure receipt of course material prior to the course start date. Please see the SHIPPING RATES AND DELIVERY information for details on expedited shipping, international shipping options and associated costs.
Digital Download Courses can be started on the date of purchase provided that you complete the file download the same day. All file downloads are time and date stamped to verify participation start date.