Instructions for Interactive

Instructions for Completion

Critical Information

Questions? Call: 1-800-446-5599 or Email:


a. Click on the link in your confirmation email.
b. Log into your account at with your email address
and password. If you do not have an account, choose to Create New Account. Click on
My Account and then My Orders. Click on the Order number for the course. Scroll down
towards the bottom of the screen and your links for the course should be displayed
under Online Course Information and Links. Click on Start Course.
a. Courses must be started on or before your start date for ASI to document your course dates.
b. The date you start your course is logged into our computer system and cannot be changed.
Course Materials Cannot Be Re-Issued

a. Keep the original course materials (Login/Access Information to Oakstone Account, Evaluation Forms, and Course Worksheet) until full credit is received.

Special Needs
a. If a student has special needs they must let ASI know BEFORE submitting testing.
b. If location or dates need to be changed, students must include a written or emailed
request or indicate the change on their Course Worksheet.
Course Worksheet and Needs Assessment
a. Forms are located within the seminar packet mailed to you or you can complete them online through your website account.
b. Complete both forms legibly in Blue or Black Ink or online. Return physical forms (if not done online) via mail, fax or email to:
American Seminar Institute
P.O. Box 1400
Carbondale, CO 81623
Fax: 1(970)963-9112
Complete Testing through Interactive Website *
a. Below course videos, click on the blue link Access Your Post Test.
b. Click Start and then click Post Test. Choose Open and follow instructions for completing testing.  Be sure to claim all credits for course.  It is not possible to claim partial credit then return to claim remaining credits.
* Do Not Submit Testing or Course Worksheets Early or Prior To Your Scheduled End Date or Your End Date Will Be Adjusted to the Test Submission Date.