Leafy Greens Contain Sugar That May Promote Good Gut Bacteria and Ward-Off the Bad

The sugar, SQ, found in green leafy vegetables, may prove to be a multi-faceted boon! Made by photosynthesis, we consume SQ every time we eat our greens such as kale and spinach. This sugar is promising to be an important factor in maintaining healthy gut bacteria and good digestive health while preventing the growth of bad bacteria. SQ is unusual as it is the only sugar containing sulfur, an essential component for life, and allows the good bacteria to thrive. This is possible through the use of an enzyme, YihQ, produced by the good E. coli which a key bacterial colonizer needed by our gut. The discovery of this enzyme is leading to the possibility of developing new antibiotics to fight the bad bugs such as Salmonella and the harmful E. coli. Click here to read more.