Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine Seminar CME / CPD

Short Course:  10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits for CME / CEU / CPD

Course(s) are appropriate for:  Family Practitioners, Pediatricians, Internists, General Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants (PA-C's)

Series 3A (AM3A) Topics Include:  Stem Cells in Sports Medicine, Biologic Therapy for IBD, Nutritional Princples for Weight Management, Medical Marijuana, Acupuncture for Low Back Pain, and more.

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Course Topics

Biologic Therapy in Gastroenterology

Recognize patients with early-stage IBD who would benefit from biologic therapy; Assess the short- and long-term clinical response, remission characteristics, and safety of anti-tumor necrosis factor and anti-integrin therapies for IBD; Explain the mechanisms by which probiotics may prevent and treat GI and extraintestinal illness; Provide patients with effective probiotic options for the treatment of GI infections and antibiotic-induced conditions; Compare probiotics found in yogurt and pill form in terms of accuracy of labeling and viability in the GI tract.

Orthopedic Biologic Therapies and Implants

Explain the role of stem cells in sports medicine and treatment of joint injuries; Cite current literature on the use of biologic materials for the treatment of joint pain; Incorporate the use of biologic materials into clinical practice; Apply current diagnostic and treatment modalities to the management of knee pain; Evaluate the effectiveness of emerging biomaterials used to treat orthopedic trauma.

Culinary Medicine/Diabetes Management for the Culturally Diverse and the Underserved

Propose ways that patients can apply nutritional principles for weight management to food preparation and repurposing; Address common challenges with implementing principles of the Mediterranean-style diet into real-life food preparation; Advise patients on ways to incorporate healthy eating habits into diets from different cultures, when living in a food desert, and while eating in restaurants; Address common barriers to health care for patients from culturally diverse and medically underserved populations.

Myths and Realities of Medical Cannabis

List the known negative effects of cannabis and implications for abuse; Prescribe the cannabinoids dronabinol and nabilone for appropriate indications; Summarize findings of recent randomized controlled trials evaluating cannabis for medical and psychiatric indications; Treat a patient requesting a certification for medical marijuana; Counsel a parent concerned about marijuana use among school-aged children.

An Integrated Approach to Chronic Pain

Outline components of an integrated pain program; Assess data on the effects of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) on chronic pain; Compare the effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction, CBT, and conventional care on chronic pain; Counsel patients with chronic pain about lifestyle interventions; Evaluate the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of low back pain.


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