Men's Health

Men's Health Seminar CME / CPD 

Full Course:  20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits for CME / CEU / CPD

Short Course:  10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits for CME / CEU / CPD

Course(s) are appropriate for:   Emergency Medicine Physicians, Family Practitioners, Pediatricians, Internists, Urologists, General Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants (PA-C's)

Series 1B (MN1B) Topics Include:   Notes on Men's Health, Genetic and Cellular Markers, Sexual Medicine, Advanced Prostate Cancer, Urology for Men, and more. 

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Course Topics

Radiation Therapy in Prostate Cancer

Assess the potential for an adverse pathologic condition after radical prostatectomy in patients with PC; Follow current guidelines for discussion with patients about the likelihood of needing adjuvant radiotherapy (RT) after surgery for PC; Consider the use of genetic testing to identify patients at high risk for toxicity due to RT; Compare and contrast different RT techniques used to treat patients with low-risk PC; Evaluate the evidence supporting the use of intensity-modulated and hypofractionated RT in patients with PC.

Sexual Medicine

Perform an initial evaluation for male infertility; Diagnose male infertility using semen analyses and hormonal assays; Determine a course of treatment for men with infertility; Review current devices available for penile implant surgery; Prevent and manage infections associated with penile implant surgery.

Advanced Prostate Cancer

Assess recent clinical evidence about treatment options for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC); Recognize the interaction of estrogen receptors and androgen receptors in the pathogenesis of PCA; Explain how bone metastases can affect quality of life and survival in men with mCRPC; Review the differences between alpha-emitter and beta-emitter radiopharmaceuticals; Summarize the data about the efficacy of radium-223 in the treatment of patients with mCRPC.

Issues in Men's Health

Identify medical conditions and drugs that increase risk for hypogonadism; Counsel men of reproductive age about the risks associated with the use of exogenous androgens; Evaluate the evidence for the association between testosterone replacement therapy and cardiovascular risk; Recognize features of chronic and acute scrotal conditions; Distinguish between epididymo-orchitis and testicular torsion.

Urology for Men

Identify the primary drivers of opioid use and misuse in the United States, as well as the origin of most misused or diverted prescription opioids; Describe the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of various opioid medications and their effects on the body and the brain; Compare the benefits and hazards of therapies involving opiate maintenance with those that rely on medical withdrawal (ie, detoxification); Provide support and complementary treatments that augment the benefits of medications targeting OUD; Ensure that patients receive effective care in specialized circumstances, such as pregnancy or the onset of acute or chronic pain, while being treated for OUD.

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