Orthopedics Seminar CME / CPD 

Full Course:  20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits for CME / CEU / CPD

Short Course:  10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits for CME / CEU / CPD

Course(s) are appropriate for:   Emergency Physicians, Family Practitioners, Pediatricians, Internists, General Practitioners, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants (PA-C's)

Series 47 (OTH47) Topics Include:  Tibial Fracture Reduction, Bone Health vs Bariatric Surgery, Pediatric Hip Injuries, Outpatient Joint Replacement, Developmental Pediatric Foot and Ankle Changes, and more.

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Course Topics

Management of Ankle Trauma/Tibial Nailing

Diagnose ankle instability; Choose techniques for reduction and fixation of syndesmotic instability; Identify the correct starting point for tibial intramedullary nailing; Use appropriate hardware for reduction of tibial fractures; Assess literature of the treatment of ankle fractures.

Highlights from the 14th Annual UCSF Spine Symposium

Elaborate on the pathophysiology of lumbar discogenic and radicular pain; Differentiate uncommon imaging presentations for disc herniation from tumors or abscesses; List characteristics included in deep phenotyping; Minimize intraoperative use of opioids for spinal surgery; Choose effective modalities for treatment of sacroiliac joint pain.

Bone Density and Fracture Risk After Bariatric Surgery

Elaborate on the varying impacts of different bariatric surgical procedures on bone metabolism; Recognize the effects of bone changes on fracture risk; Implement clinical recommendations for management of skeletal health after bariatric surgery; Explain potential mechanisms of bone loss after bariatric surgery; Cite current literature on the effects of bariatric surgery on bone health.

Highlights from the 2019 Pediatric Orthopedic Symposium: Part 1

Differentiate stable from unstable hips on clinical examination in children with hip dysplasia; Recognize indications for referral of children with hip dysplasia for pediatric orthopedic consultation; Identify and treat common musculoskeletal tumors of the lower extremity in children; Diagnose slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) in children; Operatively treat patients with SCFE.

Highlights from the 2019 Pediatric Orthopedic Symposium: Part 2

Diagnose injuries of the hip in children caused by athletic activities; Optimize outcomes after surgical fixation of hip fractures in pediatric patients; Evaluate children with pain in the hip; Optimize the diagnosis and treatment of patients with juvenile arthritis; Select appropriate patients for surgical treatment of neuromuscular pathology of the hip.

Highlights from the 20th Annual Chicago Orthopaedic Symposium: Hip and Pelvis

Diagnose associated injuries in polytrauma patients with hip fractures; Identify appropriate candidates for operative treatment of pelvic fractures; Avoid severe complications when performing pelvic and acetabular surgery; Optimize open reduction and internal fixation of femoral neck fractures; Recognize indications for hip arthroscopy.


New Concepts in the Use of Estrogen Therapy for Skeletal Health

Elaborate on the role of estrogen on skeletal health over a woman's life span; Recognize the consequences of menopausal bone loss; Implement recommendations in updated guidelines for the use of hormone therapy; Weigh the risks and benefits of extended-duration hormone therapy for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis; Evaluate literature on the benefits and risks of hormone therapy in postmenopausal women.


Highlights from the 20th Annual Chicago Orthopaedic Symposium: Focus on Fracture Management

Select appropriate candidates for surgical treatment of humeral shaft fractures; Employ techniques to optimize fixation of supracondylar humeral fractures; Assess patients with radial and ulnar shaft fractures; Recognize indications for acute total hip arthroplasty in older adults with acetabular fractures; Accurately classify injuries in patients with periprosthetic fractures.


Outpatient Joint Replacement/Surgical Approaches to the Hip and Pelvis/Update on Perthes Disease

Transition joint replacement to outpatient settings in response to changing dynamics in health care; Recognize the importance of respect for soft tissues when performing total hip arthroplasty; Elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of roboticassisted total hip arthroplasty; Diagnose and classify cases of Perthes disease; Select appropriate treatment modalities for children with Perthes disease.

Focus on the Ankle and Foot

Anticipate developmental changes in the foot and ankle of a growing child; Treat common pediatric foot and ankle abnormalities and injuries; Recognize the technical challenges of total ankle arthroplasty; Compare the outcomes of total ankle arthroplasty with those of arthrodesis; Manage patient expectations in cases of salvage surgery.


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