Monthly Specials

In December We Recognize Influenza Vaccine Week:

Save $70 on a Short Vaccinations and Immunizations Review, Promo Code DS18VIS *

Save $100 on a Full Vaccinations and Immunizations ReviewPromo Code DS18VI *

Customize your Full or Short Course:

Vaccinations and Immunizations

In December We Recognize Older Driver Safety Awareness Month:

Save $70 on a Short Geriatrics Review, Promo Code DS18GERS *

Save $100 on a Full Geriatrics ReviewPromo Code DS18GER *

Geriatrics Review

In December We Recognize World AIDS Day and World Patient Safety Day:

Save $70 on a Short Specialty Topics and State Requirements Review, Promo Code DS18STR1S *

Save $100 on a Full Specialty Topics and State Requirements ReviewPromo Code DS18STR1 *

Customize your Full or Short Course:

Specialty and State Requirements Review

Promo Codes are specific to only courses listed. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion, not good on past orders, Offers good December 1, 2018 and end on December 31, 2018 for any travel dates through 12/31/19)