Customer Service Testimonials

"Staff at ASI on the phone is excellent; great help and prompt. I will be using your service again!"

Brian L., DO, California

"I have been using ASI for several years now and am always satisfied with the content. the staff is always kind, courteous, knowledgeable and helpful."

Marc R., PAC, New York

"Amazing Service. Had to change my travel dates because of a family emergency and everyone was so nice and helpful. Thank you!"

Roger T., CRNA, Wisconsin

"Staff is wonderful to work with. Set up works easily and courses are informative and evidence based with expert speakers."

Tracy H., PAC, Colorado

"Great service; appreciate the great customer service. Thanks!"

Jennifer N., DO, Kentucky

"No issues, again great job and good content. I had to reschedule and the staff was very helpful and accommodating. Thank you for delivering such an effective and flexible product!"

Eric W., CRNA, Colorado

"The seminar content is perfect for my needs! Teaching and course delivery were excellent and good references! My objectives were fully satisfied. ASI personnel very friendly and helpful, remember me by name from previous courses!"

Sergio G., MD, Louisiana

"I am pleased with this service. I can take a course anywhere I want to go.  "

Kim G., MD, Michigan

"I plan to do these courses once or twice a year until I retire. "

Bernard O., MD, Georgia

"Lots of useful information in both courses and good customer service! "

Larissa G., DDS, California

"Customer service was helpful and courteous. This is the first time using ASI and I like it a lot. I can make my schedule and work on getting my CME. "

Eva P., MD, South Carolina

"Appreciate the course flexibility. Excellent variety of speakers. Questions were answered professionally and promptly by staff. "

Carmen G., MD, Alberta, Canada

"Excellent, informative topics that can be incorporated into current practice. Staff is courteous and helpful. "

Robert C., PAC, California

"Excellent customer service, convenient delivery, variable topics. "

Danielle R., FNP, Illinois

"I am happy with ASI as is. I find them very informative and feel they very much enhance my practice. Love the format and ability to choose the environment in which we learn! Keep up the good work! P.S. Customer Service is excellent. "

Katherine S., FNP, North Carolina

"I am so grateful. I have learned so much in my field and others. Everyone has been great and patient. Thanks."

Brad W., M.D., South Carolina

"Everything was great. Would not change a thing. I totally rely on ASI to get the majority of my CME’s. Look at my past track record. "

Michael, P.A.-C., Colorado

"I am pleased with the way your staff is helpful, ready to help and very cordial. I find your organization to be efficient and love the fact that you are willing to go out of your way to help customize the course to what the student wants. This helps a lot, since it makes sure that every dollar used for the course/seminar, are of interest to the student. Very convenient Indeed! "

Charles, M.D., Nova Scotia

"I have found American Seminar to be an excellent CME source. Staff have been friendly and professional, thank you."

Pierre, DO, Pennsylvania

"Excellent as usual. This was my 3rd course with ASI. "

Troy, MD, Oregon

"Internal Medicine Review: The staff was very helpful and informative over the phone. I found the material pretty easy to follow and interesting. "

– Carol, M.D., California
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